Sifo: “Wild tampon is in danger of throwing the health system in the tail”


Rome, 31 December – “A health craze”: Like this Arturo Cavaliere (in the picture), president of Sifo. The Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy, defines the situation created by the large influx of people trying to carry out the antigenic smear. Files everywhere, both in the ASL drive-in and in the local private pharmacies that have joined the campaign. The result is a system that as a whole is in danger of collapsing.

We believe that the conversion of the green card from a buffer to a pass for holidays, ski holidays and dinners, is a shortcut that has nothing to do with health protection “. said in a note the president of Sifo. «Τbefore people feel entitled to go to “health driving” by asking for their Mmg overloaded with thousands of calls with symptoms that are often difficult to find – sometimes even without a reservation – risking blowing up both the body system and the virus monitoring system. “This translates into a risk of collapse for the system itself and for health workers.”

With the increase in tampons resulting in doubling the yield over the Christmas period, supplies are becoming more complex and therefore – adds Cavaliere – “Nowadays it is really impossible to estimate the national and regional needs for the coming months, both for buffers and for the reagents needed to process them. “Unfortunately, we know that in the face of these critical issues, the procurement system will react with potential shortages or cost increases.”

Sifo would need an immediate and drastic intervention:“We must immediately eliminate this cultural and social distortion of the green passage as isolation, which fortunately we believe is purely a holiday problem.”


Cavaliere concludes by reminding that the swab should be dedicated only to those who really need it, especially to fragile people and to people who have come in contact with positive people or with very clear symptoms or at the end of quarantine: “It would be appropriate to change the rules and make them clear before the whole NHS starts waving the white flag, without therefore continuing – as some Regions do – to increase the health supply of driving hours, to deal with Unselected files with inappropriate performance requests“, Says the president of Sifo. “So we hope, and in this we draw the attention of the Institutions, that in a very short time a less savage management of the coating system will be achieved, returning – in the next days of the New Year – to a regular and non-usable management of the tests. , returning to focus the attention of all Italians on the need for vaccination “.

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