Some home remedies to combat the smell of sweat


The smell of sweat, as you know, can be really unbearable at times and most of the time it can be embarrassing in public. The reasons can be many, from hormonal to hygienic, however, even if you wash frequently, it is necessary to adopt an effective and non-toxic natural protection.
Some home remedies can be of great help:

Sodium bicarbonate

It goes without saying that you need to completely get rid of the lint first. Then wash your armpits well with natural soaps. Dry by gently moistening the armpits and wipe aloe gel to soften the epidermis and soothe irritation caused by waxing.
At this point, scrub each armpit with a generous dose of sodium bicarbonate and not clarify. Candida powder will absorb sweat during the day and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


Lettuce against the stench

For very sensitive skin, lettuce is the ideal advice to combat odor. After washing with a neutral soap, take a fresh and well-washed head of lettuce and remove two sheets. Place a sheet under each armpit and wait for it to return to room temperature and do not rinse.

The lemon for whiter and more aromatic armpits

The citric acid that lemon contains counteracts the proliferation of the bacterial flora responsible for the bad smell.
Wash well with a mild soap, pat dry, then take a lemon cut in half and rub your armpits. You may feel a slight burning sensation, it is possible given the presence of a small wound, do not worry because the lemon disinfects. However, this method is not recommended immediately after waxing.
Let in pose 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

The potato for perfect armpits

Grate a raw potato for more juice, then rub it under your armpits. Repeat this process regularly and after a week you will have white armpits.