Spiced Mocha Smoothie .


Christmas cooking is fun! Finally, having time to spend hours in the kitchen cooking for others, rolling vegan meatballs, roasting Brussels sprouts, making gravy, and going crazy over tie-dye cookies. But in the middle of family dinners and friends that come for Advent celebrations, it’s also easy to feel, well, a little overwhelmed by everything. At least that’s how we felt this year after working on Christmas recipes for months for different clients. So today’s recipe is a break from everything fancy. This coffee smoothie is a quick treat for you. It takes five minutes to prepare, it’s easy, sparkling, a little sweet, and with a hint of hot spices. We simply mix a handful of nuts with dates, hot water, cocoa powder, and spices to make a quick and easy no-strain milk that we pour over a double espresso cup. Maybe Mochaccino is a better word to describe it, but it seems strange to spell it, which is why we call it smoothie mocha. It works especially well with cashew nuts as they can be blended gently without having to soak them first (but if you know your blender isn’t very strong, soaking the nuts for a few hours makes them easier to blend). Or you can replace the nuts and water with warm oat milk for an even easier smoothie.
To make it fancy, top with whipped cream or coconut cream (and a gingerbread cookie on the edge), but that step is completely optional if you want it to be simple.


Now we are going on vacation and we will step away from our social media accounts a bit. But we have a little pumpkin pie made ahead of time, so check back soon.

And if you haven’t decided what to cook for Christmas yet, here are three solid suggestions from our archive:
1. This brown rice and mushroom bread. Luise made a similar version with quinoa and nutritional yeast and shared that recipe here.
2. Mashed potatoes and roots roasted with mustard.
3. This beautiful and super tasty Pumpkin Kale Salad with lots of pomegranate seeds on top. You can use millet, quinoa, or any other grain if you don’t feel like buckwheat.

Make them all for an impressive table, or settle for one of these if you want to contribute a vegetarian option.

Happy Holidays to all!


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