Stopping Omicron, Figliuolo’s plan: control in schools and a third installment for everyone


Rome, December 28 – There is a plan to stop the new “public risk number 1”, the Omicron variant, and to prepare the special commissioner for the Covid emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo (in the picture). There are two main “weapons” that will be used to stop the variant, which has caused the launch of Cvid infections even in our country (where it is now responsible for almost 30% of new cases):

“We are ready to vaccinate all the citizens who want it and to start the preventive control in the schools. “Now more than ever we need to remember that the vaccine is the only way to protect ourselves from the virus and its variants.” explained Figliuolo al Corriere della Sera. “Increasing the number of people being vaccinated and receiving the souvenir will help us consolidate the barrier that has been created so far with more than 108 million injections since the start of the vaccination campaign. These are decisions that are taken with good reason and are consistent with the availability of installments. With the opening in four months, starting from January 10, taking into account the available installments and those that will be distributed next month, it will be possible to satisfy the audience of potential recipients “..

“The structure I manage continues to operate in a balanced way, through daily contacts and updates at a technical level with the Regions, in order to ensure coordination” said the commissioner again. “The results so far have been excellent, as evidenced by the data at national level: Today, the population protected by at least one vaccine dose, plus those recovered over a maximum period of six months, is about 90% of those over 12 ″.


As for the screening in schools, the general then explained “each Region will develop a device and thanks to the great availability of Defense Minister Guerini we will have the support of military teams and laboratories. “Before the Christmas holidays, military personnel carried out more than 18,000 batons in 470 schools.”

“The government has allocated 5 million euros to be used to buy Ffp2 masks to be distributed to those who carry out school and educational activities for children and those who come into contact with students who are exempt from the obligation to wear respiratory protection devices “. concluded Figliuolo. “Two preparatory meetings have already taken place for the purchase of the masks and together with the Ministry of Education the need will be determined in detail.”

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