taking care of ourselves is Bio and zero KM

Prepare soap from natural ingredients.

There green revolution, which began between the 60s and 70s and at its peak in recent years, involves all aspects of our life. The increasing attention to organic and quality products exploded in the field. food now it goes hand in hand with a new lifestyle, beauty and greener and more environmentally friendly travel. If the planet’s well-being rhymes with our well-being, it could our beauty routine Will it not come to the fore until this “revolution” is fully involved?

The new motto is Slow BeautyTaking care of ourselves is “slow”, not frantic, but “thoughtful” and goes through the products that the earth offers us, therefore organic, healthy and zero KM. Let’s find out how!

Heal ourselves to heal the planet

Think globally, act locally – Think globally act locally! Cosmetics and beauty care represent an important part of the local and world economy, as well as its production systems; For this reason, taking care of ourselves and our beauty, favoring natural products or organic cosmetics, contributes significantly to preventing the planet from being exploited and polluted. Choosing zero kilometer beauty treatments and organic and 100% local cosmetics translates into lower environmental impact, a drastic reduction in CO2 production, more natural products and greater control of the production chain, always!


From the garden to the toiletry bag: innovative beauty products

Talking about biological beauty routines seems easy and within everyone’s reach … and in fact it is! Even if you live in the city and don’t have a small garden to hand, you can privilege and use the products of the land, choosing organic cosmetics with innovative and local ingredients.

Mountain pine and mountain resin: Mountain pine grows high, between 1,200 and up to 2,700 meters, on limestone and dolomitic mountains, has anti-rheumatic effects and, combined with its resin, is perfect for creating a scrub for the body.

Chopped olives and pits: To remove dead cells and create a revitalizing and nourishing scrub, with a polyphenol concentrate, more and more finely chopped olives and chopped olive pits are being used.

Vegetation waters: the decidedly innovative products used by the new green cosmetics are those derived from the so-called vegetation waters, obtained from the pressing of olive oil and also pomace, which have a high concentration of organic substances such as sugars, pectins, fats, but also mineral elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Therefore, the so-called wastes have a “new life” and become a source of nutrients to create organic cosmetics without waste.

Bioliqueified: Bioliquefaction uses active ingredients of plant origin, exploiting in particular raw materials of agri-food origin to create active ingredients in the cosmetic sector. This technology does not use chemicals or organic solvents and does not generate toxic waste. The result? Water-based plant extracts rich in active molecules.


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