Tampon dispute was postponed in the Council, the comment of the parapharmacies


Rome, January 13 – “We are sorry that in a situation of generalized suffering due to the pandemic, forced to attend the long queues in front of pharmacies to make a simple swab, we have to go to court on an issue that could a policy less penetrating corporate interests have been resolved faster. and easily “.

So Fnpi, Mnlf and Culpi complete the joint press release issued to comment on the news – published on January 12 in a preview by our newspaper – from proposal no. 07/2022 published on January 11 last by which the Tar Marche referred to the Constitutional Court the action of the Marche parapharmacies against the decision of the regional council to suspend, after one month from the performs rapid antigenic coatings to detect Covid 19.


Following the definition of Kafkaesque as a situation in which, in the presence of a global pandemic, one must appeal to the Supreme Court to decide whether or not qualified and qualified pharmacists can use swabs to detect new Covid 19 positives in facilities except pharmacies, the press release is inserted. in the essence of the sentence to emphasize that what is really relevant “This is what the Court itself writes, referring the question to the Constitutional Court, or that there is “Issue of constitutional legitimacy” of the law that reserved the possibility of coatings only for pharmacies (article 1 par. 418 and 419 of Law 178 of 30 December 2020) regarding art. 3 and 41 of the Constitution, or those that refer to the principles of equal dignity and equality of all citizens and to those for the freedom of enterprise “..

“This and that alone” underline Fnpi, Mnlf and Culpi “It will be the question that the Constitutional Court must answer.”

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