Tamponi 2 – Federfarma: “The commitment to the pharmacy continues with a great spirit of service”


Rome, December 22 – Pharmacies face the ever-increasing demand for antigen tampons, with the spirit of service that characterizes them by nature. To confirm this, in a A press release issued yesterday is the president of Federfarma Marco Kosolo (in the photo): “We do it with the usual dedication and professionalism, with the commitment and will that all pharmacists have shown since the beginning of the pandemic.”

There are 14,000 pharmacies that offer antigen testing, processing an average of 500,000 smears per day. “A decisive contribution, with numbers in hand, to the monitoring of infections and a necessary support for the resumption of social and economic activities in the country “. underlines the national secretary of Federfarma Roberto Tombia.

In order to ensure the service of antigenic coatings to the citizens in full compliance with the safety standards, the pharmacies could be organized: “We have created special indoor or outdoor areas, we have extended the hours, we have hired properly trained staff, some colleagues are doing examinations at times when the pharmacy would be normally closed.” Tobias continues. “Citizens who intend to be smeared in pharmacies are always and in any case guaranteed from a health point of view. We are doing our duty and we will continue to cooperate with the institutions to reduce the state of emergency for health “..


“Since the beginning of the pandemic, pharmacies have shown that they are able to respond immediately and effectively to the new health needs of the population, adapting to a changing and rapidly evolving context, fully establishing themselves as local and regional protocols rooted in in their territory. and was integrated into the National Health System“, Concludes Cossolo. ““Pharmacies ensure, through the connection with the IT platform of the Health Card System, the continuous monitoring of positive cases, ensuring the care of the citizens by the health authorities”. concludes President Cossolo.

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