The benefits of coffee

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The benefits of coffeeThere are many myths and rumors about whether coffee is healthy. Why do you think we are all so friendly, and most importantly, in unison, “addicted” to coffee and what is it for?
I just want to share the good news: coffee is healthy! Scientists from Japan and the US recently delivered such an unequivocal verdict. The benefits of coffee have been discovered during long-term research, during which some lucky few had the opportunity to enjoy an invigorating drink for free. At this point, it finally became clear that heavy drinkers (those who drink more than five cups of coffee a day) are less likely to have heart disease and even diabetes. Also, avid coffee lovers suffer less from gout, gallbladder and kidney stones, age-related memory loss, as well as attention, sexually transmitted diseases.
The benefits of coffeeResearchers at the University of Madrid are also pleased with the good news about the health benefits of coffee. It is that scientists have been observing 128 thousand women and men for 20 years. As a result of a large-scale experiment, it turned out that those who drink coffee regularly have a much lower risk of developing a heart attack. This fact was confirmed by another study. It also lasted 15 years and about 30 thousand people participated. The age of the subjects ranged between 55 and 69 years. The following pattern was found: those who drank one cup to three invigorating drinks a day died of cardiovascular disease 24% less. This miraculous effect of coffee is due to the large amount of antioxidants it contains.
All men should be aware of the fact that coffee has an aphrodisiac effect on women. Therefore, on a date, it is more advisable to treat the lady you like with strong coffee. But scientists argue that such an action has a stronger effect on girls who drink the drink from time to time, and not constantly.
Coffee on a dateA recent discovery by Harvard researchers has highlighted the benefits of black coffee. Several cups of coffee a day can lower your risk of diabetes. In addition, a good natural coffee reduces the chances of getting sick by half in men and three times in women. The same data was provided some time later by Dutch scientists who confirmed the information empirically. The benefits of coffee for women, as well as men, please the minds of true coffee lovers.
And now, good news for the greatest connoisseurs of good coffee. The fact is that, according to scientists at the University of Arizona, the memory of the elderly, who drank a cup of coffee in the morning, increased markedly at night. In addition, this experiment demonstrated the benefits of coffee beans in Parkinson’s disease, or rather, for its prevention, as it turned out that The benefits of coffeeAmong those who drank more than three cups of the drink a day, there were five times fewer people with Parkinson’s disease. The same can be said for Alzheimer’s disease.
I’d like to share some more facts about the benefits of coffee beans, the benefits of coffee for women, and the benefits of coffee in general, because for true fans of the drink it is like a balm for the soul.
The myth about the benefits of coffee and the damage the drink supposedly inflicted on the body has now probably been completely dispelled. After numerous tests of the beneficial properties of coffee, another valuable data is that the drink enhances the positive effect of antibiotics on the human body. Strengthening of the action of drugs occurs at least twice.
Benefits of coffee during pregnancyIf the pregnancy runs smoothly, mothers can safely drink up to three cups of coffee a day. And this will not only not harm the fetus, but on the contrary, it will improve the microcirculation of blood in the placenta.
A recent study in the United States demonstrates the benefits of natural coffee. According to the data obtained in the process, the drink reduces the risk of a disease as dangerous as gout by 40%. Experts from the University of Georgia claim that a couple of cups of the drink before exercise reduces susceptibility to pain.
And now good news for those who love not only real coffee, but good alcohol too: America’s scientists will delight you. The fact is that in the course of studies aimed at finding out what is the benefit of coffee, it turned out that an invigorating drink reduces the probability of a disease such as liver cirrhosis by up to 22%. Unexpected data, right?
Coffee reduces the harm of smokingMany coffee lovers cannot help themselves and prefer a drink along with a cigarette. How many poor companions had to hear about the dangers of such a connection! But justice has been served: it turns out that coffee reduces the harm caused by smoking. Therefore, before doubting the benefits of natural coffee, it is worth remembering the numerous studies carried out by competent specialists.
Today we have weighed all the pros and cons of the benefits and dangers of coffee; the conclusions are obvious. If you want to live longer, and most importantly, happier, don’t be afraid to allow yourself to relax and have a good natural drink.



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