The decree has been issued, the enhanced green pass for the vaccinated and the sick from Covid arrives

Varato il decreto, arriva il green pass rafforzato per i vaccinati e i guariti da Covid

Rome, November 25 – “With these measures we will save Christmas”. With these words the Prime Minister Mario Draghi (in the picture) was presented yesterday the decree for the so-called “super green pass”, which introduces a “strong” version of the green certificate, which can only be obtained with a vaccine or treatment. There are four areas of intervention for the “emergency measures” contained in the provision to prevent the re-spread of the pandemic throughout the country: the introduction, in fact, of the super-green pass from December 6. vaccination obligation and third installment; the extension of vaccination obligation to new categories and the strengthening of vaccination controls and promotional campaigns.
The legislative decree provides for the extension of the vaccination obligation to the third installment for health professionals from the 15th of December next year and with the exclusion of the possibility of use for different tasks. In addition, note that the promotion of the third dose is already allowed 5 months after the second. The government also announced its intention to open the third installment to people over the age of 18 from 1 December and expressed its intention to launch vaccination campaigns, if approved, for the 5-12 age group.
Following the health categories, the obligation to vaccinate extends to all school staff in the field of defense, security and public rescue. The vaccination requirement will take effect on December 15 and will affect administrative health staff, school teachers and administrators, the military, police forces (including prison police) and public aid staff.
The decree gives a strong cut in the validity of the green card, reduced to nine months from the current 12. The green certificate obligation extends to other areas: hotels. locker rooms for sports activities. regional and interregional rail services; local public transport. From December 6, as expected at the beginning of the article, the enhanced green pass arrives: it is valid only for those who have been vaccinated or treated and is used to access activities that would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow zone. The venues are performances, spectators of sports events, indoor dining, parties and discos, public ceremonies: in case of crossing the orange zone, the restrictions and restrictions do not apply, but only the owners of the green have access to the activities enhanced pass. From 6 December 2021 until 15 January 2022, it is foreseen that the enhanced green pass for carrying out activities, which would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow zone, should also be used in the white zone. In the white area, however, the pass obtained with the cotton swab for access to outdoor restaurants, gyms, swimming pools and general sports activities will also apply.
The decree provides for the strengthening of the control system: within three days from the entry into force of the decree, the prefects hear the Provincial Order and Security Committee and within five days approve the new control plan, at provincial level, which includes all police forces. . These are “continuous” audits whose prefectures are obliged to prepare a weekly report that will be sent to the Ministry of Interior.
No news, however, on the mask front, where recent journalistic developments have predicted a tightening: the issue of stricter obligations for their use has indeed been raised, but the government has not introduced new measures and so they remain in force. applicable provisions. In the white area, the mask is not required outdoors, but must be worn indoors except in your own home, including public transport (airplanes, trains, buses) and in all cases where interpersonal distances or concentrations. On the other hand, it is mandatory indoors and outdoors in the yellow, orange and red areas.

Nor the advances related to pillow suppression, which will continue to apply to receiving (if positive) the “basic” green pass to go to work. Their duration also remains unchanged, 72 hours for molecular smears and 48 hours for antigenic smears.

Finally, starting on 1 December, the third dose of the vaccine – currently available for people over the age of 40 – will be available for all people over the age of 18.

Πράσινο Super green fold, the text of the decree

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