The regional platform hits the services, FarmacieUnite writes in the area and Azienda Zero

Disservizi piattaforma regionale, FarmacieUnite scrive a Regione e Azienda Zero

Rome, November 25 – In the most predictable of the dystopian scenarios of the genre, it is always time for the intelligent machines to revolt against the people who created them. Having conquered the human species thanks to the development of some form of autonomous logic and consciousness, the rebellious technological entities really combine any (at least in science fiction movies and novels), with generally destructive and uncontrollable consequences for the species.

Fantastic things, it will be said correctly, that in reality can not happen. And it is true (or at least we hope it is). In fact, more insignificant things are happening: for example, that “technological entities”, even if they are not sentimental or revolutionary, are simply ceasing to function. Ίζουν they decide all of a sudden and inexplicably (at least for us poor mortals) to operate in crises and starts, for example walking fast in the morning to stop suddenly and without warning at lunch time. These are phenomena that anyone dealing with a product hi technology knows well: raise your hand if your computer or someone else has not dug you at least once device high tech just when they need it most. These are phenomena that -as probably each of us has personally experienced- lead us to the cursed artificial intelligence and to all or almost all its derivatives and applications, regretting (the reference is obviously for those who have known and experienced them) golden age when the maximum of technology was the transistor radio and the portable turntable.

The case is not an objection to its cause laudatores temporis acti, but a simple act of human understanding and closeness with Veneto pharmacists, who have long struggled with the vagaries of the regional IT platform through which the intangible prescriptions and tampon data provided at the pharmacy are verified the presence has been introduced or less than the Sars CoV virus 2. A platform that, in fact, boasts a virtually daily frequency of malfunctions, making pharmacy work outrageous through crucis and – above all – putting interpersonal relationships with patients to the test blocks that prevent the sending of a prescription – as it is understood they can only blame the one in front of them (who is always the only pharmacist, the only one who is forced to put his face on him).

Service shutdowns are on the agenda and have really reached alarming levels, so much so that Farmacieunite, yesterday, has to send an official note to Azienda Zero and the Veneto Region to protest One more time the inefficiencies and blocks that on a daily basis repeated in the administration of intangible prescriptions and in the introduction of the results of the Covid tests, making The operation of the pharmacy is an obstacle, as well as causing serious suffering to the citizen “.
The union under the presidency Franco Gariboldi Muschietti (in the picture) announces that it has “requested an urgent meeting to to find a common solution to this sad situation and we hope you will receive an immediate reply“.

Pending the answer, the union calls for its writings to be mobilized: al in order to strengthen the message giving full voice to the intense and justified dissatisfaction of pharmacies, FarmacieUnite urges affiliated pharmacies to send a Pec to Azienda Zero, the unified body that manages the regional health service, sending a fax to make the operation faster and easier.

This is the text: This pharmacy reports recurrent blockages and dysfunction of the sits dematerialization services prescription as well as the introduction of Covid rapid test results. It is useless to repeat how this situation, which is now repeated every day, causes serious suffering to the patients and pharmacies both in the front of the evasion of intangible recipes Ssn, is for the purpose of issuing it green fold. The activity of pharmacies is in serious danger for days now, with serious inconvenience and risks for the citizen health that must depend on systems Computer technicians are probably not suitable for the operation health care to which we are constantly called and requested by the main surveillance bodies of Covid. We ask for a solution to be found with every kind urgency to stop this continuation fromServices “.

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