Umbria, oxygen in patients’ homes: the new organizational model is in progress tomorrow


Rome, November 30 – Oxygen directly to the patient’s home, without the patient having to go to his own GP or pharmacy, as the treatment supply will arrive directly at the home. A more citizen-friendly service, therefore, but also a significant cost savings for the regional health system: these are the results that the Umbria Region envisions and expects from the new path of care for patients in need of home oxygen therapy, which A force will be deployed on the regional territory from tomorrow, December 1st.

“Thanks to the centralized competition conducted by Umbria Salute e Servizi, we continue to save on public spending and offer better services to citizens. explains the regional health and social policy adviser, Luca Colette (in the picture), explaining that the new contract for the supply of home oxygen therapy service, lasting 36 months with a possible extension for another 24, was awarded for an amount of about 16.5 million and allows a total savings of about 1.3 million.

“For the patient” wishes to underline the Commissioner ““The main advantage is that he will no longer have to go to his own GP or pharmacy, but will be treated directly at home.”.


He also insists on the planned improvement of the service Fausto Bartolini, regional coordinator of the control room for the management of pharmaceutical costs. “With the new route of care, patient care will improve“The regional director explains “And the path that the patient or his family will have to follow for the administrative procedures and for the supply of the necessary devices will be significantly simplified. In fact, the patient is expected to turn to the authorized specialist for the preparation of the oxygen therapy treatment plan (online on the IT platform) which will then be monitored directly on the IT platform by the ASL Pharmaceutical Assistance Service. The supplier will deliver the oxygen to the patient’s home within 24 hours. In addition, the GP will be able to consult the oxygen prescriptions of his clients on the specific platform. It will be ASL eventually – concludes Bartolini – CEO carries out the appropriate controls and monitoring of the itineraries to ensure their proper operation, thanks to the computerization of the whole system “.

The course of care provided by the previous model of organization provided that the patient went to the authorized specialist to prepare, in printed form, the treatment plan for oxygen therapy and then went every two months to his general practitioner and then to the pharmacy for the mission. of the recipe and for home delivery.

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