Vaccination obligation, false positive tests to bypass it, reports increase


Rome, January 10 – Immediately after the government approved the vaccination order, the press brought to the attention of the public the danger of not being able to bypass it in a simple way, thanks above all to the one who has been recognized as vulvar antigens or smears to detect the presence or absence of SARS CoV 2 infection. of the Omicron variant, were literally inundated with endless rows of citizens.

In an effort to rectify the situation and given the high circulation of the virus, after the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, various Regions (starting from Lazio and Lombardy, but also the Veneto, Emilia Romagna, the province of Trento, Umbria) changed the procedures in case of test positivity: while before the positive swing had to be confirmed by a molecular test swab to certify the contamination, in order to exclude cases of false positive, they decided to simplify and speed up the procedure by skipping this step. In order to test positive for Covid, the response of the antigen test at the pharmacy, which was notified to the competent ASL, is sufficient. The positive citizen is therefore obliged to enter the isolation immediately for 10 days, from which he will leave as soon as he refuses and with a certificate of healing in his pocket, he will be completely free to move.

All good? Yes, if in the decision to bypass the molecular control pen the inevitable sly no vax had not spotted the vulnus to circumvent the rules, mocking it without actually infecting it and apparently without injecting it with the vaccine. As? Finding a way to get a false positive swing, even if very healthy: thanks to this, after ten days of isolation, just show a new test with a negative result to get the certificate of healing and, with it, “win” six months of overgrowth.

The “tightening” of the rules, by issuing the super green card and for public transport or going to the gym, cinema, museums and thermal baths, risks fueling the undermining (real and very dangerous fraud, in fact) of the false ones. positive tests. Excluding the possibility of moving around with a simple negative swing, as before, there are actually two ways you can live a “normal” life: get vaccinated or get infected and get well, and it goes without saying that it is better to “cure” “without really catching the virus.

The only problem is getting a false positive swab, which obviously requires communication within the system. And this is where the pharmacies that carry out the tests come into play: many newspapers have promoted the hypothesis that this is the critical crossroads, where – thanks to the complacent pharmacists – fraud can take place. So far, at least as far as we know, there are no detailed reports, but newspaper reports abound, albeit anonymously and in general: the newspaper the newspaper, to give an example, cites a source “Who makes tampons in Trentino Alto Adige and asks for his anonymity“Referring to “A lot of people came offering great money and extra payments to test positive.”


TO focus on the phenomenon, interview for Corriere della Serto from Margherita De Bac, it was yesterday Fabio Ciciliano, medical director of the State Police and member of the Cts (in the picture), that when confronted with the specific question of whether it is true that there are cases of negative coatings that have passed as positive by complacent pharmacists, he answers as follows: “The simplification of the regulatory system for the diagnosis of positive cases, if on the one hand facilitates the overall management of the isolates (the positivity of the simple antigenic swab is sufficient), on the other hand can open up to potential critical issues due to the attempted corruption of complacent pharmacists. There are reports from various cities. It is enough to register hidden positive coatings on the platform to issue the green pass after performing a second negative coating and one of the most important surveillance systems for the epidemic is circumvented. “Unscrupulous and criminally criminal behaviors with serious consequences for complacent pharmacists and those who pressure them.”

There is not much to add, other than the remark that Ciciliano forgot to add the adjective “unworthy” “Remuneration and criminal behavior” of any “complacent” pharmacists and who – having now discovered the mechanism of fraud – presumably tighten the links of tampon controls in the pharmacy. Otherwise, no comment on practices that are incomparable and for which, if nothing else, should be decided by the representatives of the profession.

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