Verona, mayor of pharmacies: “Thanks to you we believed in returning to normalcy”


R.oma, December 13 – A full, clear and immediate recognition of what the mayor of Verona Federico Spoarina (in the picture), an honorary guest at the annual meeting of Federfarma Verona last December in the city of Verona, wanted to express to the pharmacies and pharmacists of his city, especially for the excellent contribution he secured with his usual professionalism and surplus devotion and professionalism in very long months of an unprecedented health emergency and, unfortunately, it is still far from over.

“In the most tragic moments, when everything was really dark and the corridors of Palazzo Barbieri (City Hall, author’s note) desert, I felt very strongly the burden of responsibility towards the health of my fellow citizens who were terrified“Sboarina told a packed audience of pharmacy owners from Verona and the province. “I knew that I would never be able to do it alone and that the winning weapon would be synergy and I could always rely on pharmacies. For this reason, thank you very much. Their presence, the lights on, the door that opened, the professionals who gave us the perfect idea that the “normality” that the citizen desperately needed would return. “.

Pharmacies as an essential health center, therefore, but also as an even more necessary cement for exploitation and social mobilization and as a concrete testimony of what is the urban spirit and the feeling of the community. Values ​​that Mayor Sboarina wanted to remember, stating that if today the fight against Covid signals positive results and we can be confident that we will win it, the many advantages of pharmacies must be recognized: “We will do it together, we do it thanks to the pharmacies that never left the area. Not even for a day “, concluded the first citizen of Skala.


The president of the Veronese pharmacy Elena Vekioni (in the picture) the difficult year is coming to an end, “In some ways even more difficult than the yearImage result for elena vecchioni federfarma verona “Previously, when we were overwhelmed by the pandemic and despite the general confusion, we managed to keep the bar straight, which became a necessary reference point for the health of the community.”, said Vecchioni, referring in particular to the hard work that pharmacies face during the second, third and fourth waves of the pandemic. “The fatigue was felt, but we did not show it and the pharmacy doors were always open” said the president of the union, recalling the fundamental role played by pharmacies and pharmacists in the communities of Verona by increasing the services and health services to the population, starting with vaccinations and tampons, but also recalling the reservations at the Scalgera nodes. Company and the printing of green cards. many months of work “to always be, consistently, close to the world “, especially of the weaker categories. “A job that was done – Vecchioni recalls – without shouting but being professionally informed, carrying out ministerial instructions and intensifying.”relations with the mayors of the whole province to “parade” together. Because we were at war. And it is not over yet. ”
Thanks to colleagues on the board and all those who have worked with Federfarma Verona at various levels, Vecchioni has replicated the many initiatives and projects that – despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic – the owners of Verona have carried out prevention initiatives against from cerebral palsy and atrial fibrillation to screening for early bowel disease, from Mimosa to Violence Against Women to major solidarity campaigns such as “Drug Collection Day”, “At the Children’s Pharmacy” and more other, all – underlined the president of Federfarma Verona – “Without ever neglecting the fundamental distribution of the drug.”

“We have built a strategy that has proven to be successful, given the broad consensus of the population and the institutions, which are increasingly based on the capabilities of the pharmacy.” concluded Vecchioni. “Nothing was left to chance and in this terrible historical period I am proud to say that pharmacies have grown together with the citizens and their sincere thanks illuminate, today more than ever, our intense days.“.

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