Will copper help us? De Castelli prefers it to transform it into furniture


Special elements such as reception desks for hotels, counters for bars and restaurants, precious accessories for the home and public places, surfaces for cladding: De Castelli (company founded in 2003 by Albino Celato – heir to a long tradition in metal processing – , and internationally recognized for having introduced design as a new language, in a dialogue between craftsmanship, design and advanced technologies) has always designed with copper thick, choosing it among your favorite metals to transform it into furniture and architectural interventions with strong visual impact.

Copper VS bacteria

Now numerous scientific studies show that copper kills bacteria and De Castelli has launched an experiment to be able to work it while preserving this property.

It has been famous since ancient times for its antibacterial capabilities: in China it was called qi, which means health, in Ancient Egypt ankh, symbol of eternal life; In India for millennia people have drunk from copper vessels and now in America it is a copper pipe that carries drinking water.

Several authoritative research groups around the world have verified that the Coronavirus survives on copper for approximately 4 hours, unlike other metals or materials that maintain their infectious range for much longer.


Already in the 1980s, a study had proven the great effectiveness of copper in the fight against bacteria, also demonstrated in 2015 against a precursor of Covid-19, the Coronavirus 229E.

From Castelli

Copper properties

In addition to being natural, copper is therefore a passive, antimicrobial material, capable of self-sterilizing on the surface without the need for electricity or cleaning with chemicals.

In the near future it could thus again be a protagonist in sanitary construction and also in that of public spaces and our homes (it was the first, and until now last, antimicrobial metal surface approved by the EPA – the US environmental agency), not only as an important ally to combat other pandemics, but as a daily companion to present beautiful products that also become safe in the collective places that we frequent every day or in the domestic environments in which we live.

The use of metal by De Castelli

Based on this news from the scientific community, De Castelli embarks on an innovative path, in collaboration with university researchers, to quickly find a production solution capable of eliminating the need for any surface treatment of copper (until now used to maintain its effects chromatic) experimenting with different oxidation processes and phases in order to safeguard its antibacterial strength to the maximum.


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