work at the foot of Mont Blanc in an old chalet

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We get used to agile work and discover the pleasure of doing it from “non-traditional” places. With the recent resumption of business, many of us will struggle with work holidays. Precisely for this reason, in response to the growing demand for spaces to dedicate to work even during the holiday stay, the Auberge de La Maison in Courmayeur has decided to offer all its guests a very special private office: an original chalet from the early 20th century with views of Mont Blanc.

Taking advantage of the increasingly widespread “smart work“, Hotel guests this summer will be able to work from a unique location in the world, immersed in the Alpine tradition of Chalet du Desir, taking this opportunity to spend a few days further away from the cities.

Working from an old alpine chalet at the foot of Mont Blanc is a summer dream for many: a fairytale chalet, in a quiet corner, in a place where body and soul can reconcile with the highest nature in the Alps. Inside there is all the charm of a haven of desires, but all the comforts of an office. , including a fast connection.
It is an old “mazot” that comes from a mountain pasture in the valley, dismantled and reassembled on the hotel lawn. All the pieces are original, the fir wood that composes it is very old and each table bears the signs of time.
There is also a small window from which you can see Mont Blanc. It is a place where one feels protected and experiences the sensation of entering an ancient time. The Garin family, who own the Auberge de La Maison, are very attached to these artifacts because they represent the authenticity and simplicity of Alpine life.
This summer it will be available for guests who wish to work at the foot of Mont Blanc. Inspiration and creativity will surely not be lacking.

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